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About The Project

“Liepziedi” is a new and accessible apartment building project in the Mīlgrāvis neighbourhood of Rīga.  It is in a green environment, near Mežaparks, Lake Ķīšezers, and the Ozo Golf Club.  Nearby is everything that is needed for high-quality urban life – public transport, stores, a school, a kindergarten and various opportunities for leisure.  The Rīga city centre can comfortably be reached in 15 minutes’ time.  Just 20 minutes are needed to travel to the Vecāķi beach to enjoy a sunset over the sea.  From the upper floors of the building, there are lovely vistas – Lake Ķīšezers and Mežaparks to the West and the proximity of the sea to the East.

Technical Information

Foundations And External Walls

The load-bearing structures of the building are supported by a cast reinforced concrete pile foundation.
An underground car park is built under the building. The load-bearing walls, the underground floor, the ceiling, and the columns are made of reinforced concrete. The outer walls of the buildings are made up of lightweight thermo-purlin panels, covered and insulated with cement fibre plates. The stairwell facades are glazed.

Interior Walls

Interior walls that separate the flats from each other, from stairwells and utility shafts, are laid using blocks. The partitions inside flats are built using the KNAUF two-layer plasterboard system. Additional 12 mm plywood panels are installed under the plasterboard of those partitions, which are intended for installing kitchen cupboards, for additional load capacity. The walls in rooms with elevated humidity are made using the KNAUF two-layer plasterboard system for moisture-resistant rooms.

Ceilings And Staris Between Floors

Hollow reinforced concrete panels were used for the ceilings, covered with layers of rock wool and dry concrete mix. The stairs were built using reinforced concrete elements provided with special protective coating. Painted stainless steel railings were installed on the stairs. The building has two stairwells.

Terraces And The Roof

The roof was insulated using hard rock wool, and coated with roofing felt. Paving stone was laid in the first-floor terrace area, which was separated with tree pots.


The outer doors of the stairwells are made out of glass and aluminium, and the underground floor doors, out of metal and glass. The outer doors of the flats are coated fire-resistant metal doors, and the interior doors are MDF doors with a coating that matches the laminate floors; locks: Abloy 2014 Silver Tone or APECS DH INOX, or equivalent.


PVC windows with triple glazing and a 1.1 m2 K/W heat conduction factor, with plastic windowsills on the inside and sheet iron 


Two spacious SCHINDLER lifts were installed in the building, one has seven stops (down to the basement floor level), and one has six stops.

Heating and ventilation

AS Rīgas Siltums provides central heating for the building. Heating meters with remote meter reading are installed in the flats. Electrically heated floors are additionally installed in the bathrooms.
Ventilation in the flats is provided by a forced mechanical ventilation system (the suction fan is installed at the roof level); a suction diffusor is installed in the bathrooms and the room.

Water and Sewage

The sewer and water supply system is connected to the centralised municipal systems. In the bathrooms, a shower base, a toilet, and a sink; Oras shower and sink mixer taps, and an electric towel drier. Each flat has a point for connecting a washing machine. Water meters with remote meter reading are installed in the flats.  

Electricity and Low-voltage Networks

The electric meters are located in the utility room.
Low-voltage routers (internet and TV) are in the stairwells.
Terminals for installing alarm systems (at the flat owners’ discretion) are installed in the flats.
Every room of the flats has modular sockets for phone and/or internet and/or television connections.
The cable wiring in the flats provides data transmission rates that comply with Cat6 standards.
An intercom system is installed in the flats.
LED lighting is installed in the bathrooms and entrance rooms. Smoke detectors are installed on the ceilings, and can be connected to the alarm systems installed by the flat owners.

The Area

The outdoor area surrounding the building is developed and provided with greenery.
It has a playground, lighting, paved pedestrian paths, benches, lawns, and decorative plants.

The developer reserves the right to change the interior finishing materials to the same quality materials.